Our Team

Amanda Berkshire, Office Manager

Amanda is caring, considerate, emphathetic, and professional. She takes time in triaging her patients and always make them feel at ease. She enjoys reading and exercising in her free time.

Joy Medley, Clinical Coordinator, Personnel

Joy is wonderful with patients. She makes patient feel comfortable and relax during their physical examination. She is caring, compassionate, and empathetic. She loves taking care of her patients and takes pride in her work.

Micky Cordy, Clinical Coordinator, Operations

Micky exhibits caring and professionalism in treating her patients. She assists during physical exam, maintaining treatment rooms, sterilizing instruments, performing EKGs/Spirometry.

Sandra Jones, MA

Sandra is our Mason office manager and has been with us since 2010. She perform several functions such as triaging patients, assisting in-office procedures, accounts receivable/payable, and administrative tasks.