Patient Information

Appointments for New Patients:

Please contact the office at (513) 492-8541 and ask to schedule your appointment. We will be happy to shedule you with one of our physicians as soon as possible. If you need same day appointment, we will accommodate your need.

Appointments for Established Patients:

Please call the office at (513) 492-8541 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am to 6pm, Thursday 9am to 5pm or Friday 9am to 3pm to schedule your routine patient appointment. We are delighted to offer you exceptional access to care with same-day appointments. Quality care is best achieved through a consistent physician/patient relationship. When your physician is unavailable, you will be able to see one of his/her associates who is committed to accommodate your urgent needs. However, routine care and chronic disease management will be performed by your primary care physician.